How to Make Winter Camping Comfortable

How to Make Winter Camping Comfortable

Most of us relate the cold weather to a cup of hot chocolate and cuddling in a warm blanket but there are a people who are high on their adventure streak and would love to go out for camping during winter. Winter can be a pretty good time for camping since you would find more space to yourself because of the fewer number of campers in comparison to the summer season.

Winter camping can be interesting and provide you with an overall great experience. However, winter camping does require a little bit more planning than the summer camping so here are a few tips on how to make your winter camping comfortable.

1. Proper Clothing

It is important during winters that you wear warm clothing while camping because you would want to maintain a constant temperature for your body. It is always better to layer up so that you could wear something breathable as the first layer of your clothing so that it would help you avoid the accumulation of sweat.
Try keeping your head, feet, and hands warm as well by wearing the right clothing. During winters, it can get really cold during the night so make sure that you carry a few additional layers of clothing in your backpack which you can use if needed.

2. Light a fire

During winter, it is important that you light the fire first and then start setting up your tent. It would keep you warm and would even let the fire build up very well by the time you finish setting up your campsite. The fire would keep you warm so it is better to have a bonfire all the time while setting up the tent. Keep everything you need to light a fire in your backpack and double check on the fire lighters before heading out since you do not want to end up frozen during the winters by camping outside.

3. Hydrate your body

During winters it is common that you would feel less thirsty, however, that does not mean that the body does not require water. So keep drinking water at regular intervals in order to keep your body hydrated. You could even go for hot beverages if you plan on making them at the campsite.While sleeping you might want to keep your body warm by snuggling in something warm along with you like a heat proof water bottle.

4. Condensation

As you sleep inside your tent, the temperature would warm up inside which would result in condensation on your tent. In order to avoid this, you can either keep the tent ventilated, which would result in lowering the temperature inside the tent. You might want to dry out your sleeping bags the next day so that you could get them ready for the next night.

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